Organic Search Engine Optimization

Enabling Brand Visibility at Higher Ranks in the Search Engine Networks.

Indepth Map-Gap Analysis of your Industry, Market, On Page and Off Page SEO Factors

We deliver new age edge SEO audit services using our proven custom SEO Audit methodology. We do not dump bulky reports on our customers; we also hate those cookie cutter audit reports generated by free SEO tools with no interpretations. Our SEO audit analysis contains challenges, solutions and SEO action plan prioritizing those 20% of the critical issues which can improve 80% of SEO performance.


360 SEO Audit

Our 360 SEO audit framework help us to audit and access your current state of SEO from various dimensions such as Industry,  Market, Competition, Keywords, Visibility, On page, Off page, On site, Off site, Domain authority and link reputation. Our experts try to identify and prioritize most critical factors following 80/20 rule. 80% of your SEO issues are caused by 20% of bugs.

Data Driven

Every step of our audit is based on data driven methodology. May it be analyzing site architecture, mobile friendliness, load time, security, redirects, duplicates or meta tags – driven by data. That’s DMC.

Human Factor Evaluation (UX)

Today search engines are smart enough to rank websites that offers best user experience.  Our 360 SEO audit experience, capabilities, framework and tools  are aimed to identify optimization opportunities and improved user experience, engagement and conversion of your website and mobile site.

Outcome Oriented

Our experts begin with clear end goal in our mind. We always keep business outcomes and ROI focus at the top.

Our SEO Team

Our team of search engine marketers practice search engine optimization on deep analysis and research to build an effective strategy to get your website rank high organically, for the long-term benefits of having a platform that works as an engagement tool for your audience and a marketing tool for your business.

Our team transforms the way you’re seen with proven white-hat techniques, to:

    • Grow Visibility and Trust
    • Get Quality Traffic
    • Attract Potential Customers
    • Improve User Experience
    • Reduce Acquisition Costs
    • Stay Firm on the Competitive Edge

Introducing Core Web Vitals to our Services

A study from August ‘20 shows less than 15% of sites are optimized well enough to pass a Core Web Vitals assessment. 

The ‘Core’ Web Vitals is a subset of ‘Web Vitals’, of Google initiative that aims to prioritize the most important metrics of user experience, loading, interactivity, & visual stability, from the real world. The Core Web Vitals are combined with HTTPS, Mobile-friendliness, Lack of intrusive pop-ups, & Safe browsing. 

Our service helps in analyzing the present status of your website’s experience against the recommended target of core web vitals, along with understanding your users and the experience they expect. With the identified opportunities for improvement, we re-develop the website and make it compliant to meet the Google Core Web Vitals recommendation scores resulting in an enhanced user experience for your customers.


What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is an important step towards organic search methodology. Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your entire SEO setup both on and off-site to develop a deep understanding of your current strategy. Significant elements of evaluation include current metadata, backlinks, content, technical setup, and keywords. The findings are used to develop a robust & strategic plan to increase your ranking on search engines and start driving more traffic directly to your website.

How long does the SEO service take?

Growing organically is not a thunder-speed practice, it requires time & effort, and SEO service is completely dependent on the present status of your website in the competitive market and the benchmark you need to achieve.

How much does the SEO service cost?

DMC Digital’s Organic Search Engine Optimization services are customized based on the individual business and its unique needs and goals. The charge can never be a specific number without reviewing your current SEO status, you can request a free audit to start optimizing your website with a custom quote.

Is Organic SEO worth it?

Organic SEO holds the same worth as other practices of marketing and promoting your business digitally, and is something you should implement sooner rather than later. It is an investment for the future, just like an ever-evolving asset it keeps your credibility high.

How often will I get a performance report?

We’re result-driven and measuring performance with every milestone achieved in a month matters. We provide monthly and quarterly results to help you understand the new opportunities available in the future.

What about my Social Media Accounts?

Staying high in the ranks of search engines keeps you visible and attracts your potential customers, engaging them in the place they stay otherwise is also interesting. We offer organic social media optimization services also to keep you connected with your customer on social networking sites.

Can I get paid advertising services?

Yes, our digital marketing service spectrum is spread across all the aspects, while growing organically on search engines, we can assist you in paid advertising and conversion marketing as well.

We Cover

SEO Audit

Understanding your present SEO status and scope of improvements.

Audience Research

Identifying your niche and understanding the target audience and their needs.

Market Research

Analysing your industry and market trends to keep you compliant with the standard.

Competitor Analysis

Inspecting your competitors and benchmarking the beating practices to upscale.

Keyword Research

Finding the relevant & popular keywords to rank at the right place at the right time.

SEO Strategy

Building an SEO strategy to gain visibility and rank high with effective measures.

Technical SEO

Using the best technical measures to increase your website’s credibility.

On-Page SEO

Optimization of your onsite keyword strategy with content for more relevancy.

Off-Page SEO

Link-building outreach to expand authority and visibility across the web.

SEO Monitoring

Tracking the progress of SEO efforts to build upcoming strategies and define success.

Penalty Removal

Getting rid of toxic backlinks that can harm your reputation in the future.

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Akshara International School

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